Wednesday, March 7, 2007

March 13 Drinking Liberally Meeting

Good morning my fellow drinkers,
Next week Pittsburgh Drinking Liberally will start experimenting with our rotating bar plan so that more people can come. Last week was great as I met several new people, half a dozen job search leads were passed around and a fine discussion on the great little hole in the walls throughout SW PA took place. I am looking forward to more next Tuesday night at Finnegan's Wake on the Northside.

We'll be meeting from 7:00 to at least 9:30 or so, although those who want to use up your spousal karma points can stay as late as you want at this fine Irish bar. We'll at the tables near the wall that splits the space into two seperate bar areas. Finnegan's Wake is on General Robinson Street between the 6th and 7th Street Bridges, and 100 feet from the left field entrance of PNC Park. Directions are at this link:

We'l have a couple of sessions during March Madness, so I have set up a Yahoo Tournament Bracket challenge for Pittsburgh Drinking Liberally. The winner will receive their first two beers courtesy of me on April 10th. If there is a tie between two individuals, each will receive 2 beers from me, and if there is a tie of three or more individuals, I have to reduce the prize to my everlasting awe and a single beer. To participate you need a Yahoo ID.

Then go to and click on the "Join a Group button", sign into Yahoo with your ID, and then enter the following information.

Group #49618
Password: morebeer

Finally, I am interested in setting up a "Theatre Liberally" event for us to see The Missionary Position by Keith Reddin at the City Theatre on the Southside. I saw a reading of this play and it is a biting, grab my sides as they hurt because I am laughing too hard look at a national political campaign. I want to see this show badly and I think quite a few of you will like it. Right now, if I can get 10 firm committments I can get group tickets for $25/person. There is a chance I can get a better deal than this but I have not been able to confirm that yet. I would like to do this on Tuesday May 8, 2007 as our normal event. If you are interested, please e-mail me with your interest. Right now I do not need the money, so hold off on that.


Monday, February 26, 2007

Campaign Training

Just passing along an e-mail I got to anyone who may be interested:

We are pleased
to announce the  Pennsylvania Democratic Party's Campaign Camp training
program! 2006 saw tremendous gains for the Democratic Party at both the
state and national level. To build on these successes, we must begin
laying the groundwork now for this year's local and judicial elections
and the 2008 presidential election to ensure that we maintain control
of the state house, win back seats in the state senate, and ultimately
take back the presidency.


We hope you can join us for the 2.5-day campaign training, which will be held over the weekend of  March 23-25 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.










Camp participants are encouraged to sign up for one of the following training tracks:

  • Campaign Management for Campaign Staff- If
    you are currently working on a campaign or are interested in becoming
    staff on a campaign within two years, then join this track.  You will
    learn the fundamentals of political campaign management such as
    fundraising, field organizing, media relations, volunteer coordination,
    get-out-the-vote, targeting, candidate relations, and campaign

  • Campaign Organizing for Local & County Party Leaders -
    This track is designed to give you and your election team the modern
    management fundamentals necessary to be successful at the grassroots
    level. Topics will include: voter contact programs; budgeting;
    planning; recruitment; volunteer coordinating; event fundraising;
    earned media; and creating a local party plan. You will learn the basic
    skills that are essential to putting your candidate or local committee
    in the best position to win.

  • How to be a Better Candidate - The
    candidate track prepares participants for a run at elected office.
    Participants will have the opportunity to be mentored by elected
    officials and some of the top political professionals in the country.




registration fee is $40 and covers dinner on Friday, lunch on Saturday,
and lunch on Sunday.  The training schedule is Friday from 3:00
PM until 9:00 PM, Saturday from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM, and Sunday from
9:30 AM until 3:00 PM.  Camp participants are responsible for their own








The deadline for applications is Friday, March 19th at 5 PM.
For more information about this training, please contact Katrina Coleman
at 202.419.1040 or






Paid for by the Pennsylvania Democratic Party and not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Blogger or WordPress

I have received a couple of e-mails asking me about my choice to use Blogger for the blog. The most common suggestion I received was to use WordPress instead.

I chose Blogger baesd on two criteria. The first is that the system is free. The fee structure for Typepad is something that I just did not want to deal with. I understand that WordPress is also a free service. The second reason I went with Blogger for this blog is that I am familiar with Blogger. My personal blog, Fester's Place was a Blogger site for three years, and I also write at another Blogger back-end site, Comments from Left Field. I know Blogger while I do not have any experience with WordPress.

However the experience reason is about the only unique differentiator between Blogger and WordPress from my point of view. Do you guys think WordPress will allow me to produce a better blog and communications medium for us?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Changes for Pittsburgh Drinking Liberally

Hey there fellow DL'ers,

First, I hope that everyone is staying up on their feet and not accidently sliding on the ice as we finally have started to see winter come by. Right now the weather looks like it should be improving and we should not have to worry about any more ice storms.

We will be meeting next Tuesday, Feb. 27, at 7:00pm at Dee's 6 Pack and Dogs/Eatery in Regent Square. I'll be in back underneath the big screen television with the table tents so we should be easy to find.

Now, I also want to start a discussion on some of the changes that I would like to make for Pittsburgh Drinking Liberally so that we can have a better time. Most of what I will be discussing is derived from the survey I sent around two weeks ago, and none of it is locked in stone. I am looking to make these changes in an open fashion. If you have suggestions and comments, please e-mail me at OR post up on our new blog.

What new blog you ask? Simple, Pittsburgh Drinking Liberally is becoming an organizational blogger, albiet a very simple one. The blog is at I intend to post a copy of the announcment e-mails, and directions to the bars that we will be frequenting in the future. Anyone else who would like to write to for an audience of dedicated liberals who enjoy a beer or two is welcome to do so. E-mail me so that I can set you up. Comments are open and available for anyone, and anonymous comments are welcome.

Wait one moment, "bars that we will be frequenting in the future", that is a plural, so what is up with that? Going through the survey data, the regulars like being in Regent Square, but quite a few people noted that they don't attend Drinking Liberally as often as they would like due to the location.My idea for the initial attempt at solving this problem is to split the difference. We will continue to meet on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month as Tuesdays tend to be a pretty good night. However the first monthly gathering will be our wandering night as we will rotate throughout the city, while the second monthly gathering will continue to be at Dee's 6 Pack and Dog in Regent Square. This will be starting immediately. So Feb. 27 will be at Dee's and then March 13 will have us at Finnegan's Wake on the Northside. Leave comments at the blog as to where we should go next month.

I have a couple of programming ideas that should make the nights a little more interesting, including an announcement of a special Pittsburgh Drinking Liberally on May 1, 2007 as we will be hosting author Mike Palecek as he will be coming into Pittsburgh to promote his new book, The American Dream. More details and information to come as I figure out exactly when and where we will be meeting.

Finally, and I know you are saying that to yourself too, I hope that these changes will improve our experience and enjoyment of Pittsburgh Drinking Liberally, and until then, I'll see you all next Tuesday.